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The First Day of Winter

Has been absolutely gorgeous. Overnight frost followed by a beautiful, sunny, windless day. Long may it continue. We gardened, which mostly involves hacking back the burgeoning scrub and trying to keep the lawn under control. I hope one day to … Continue reading

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On Sharing and Rain

Miss Petra’s an affectionate lass. She’s keen for cuddles and kisses, and if you’re not careful, licking. She likes you to taste the particularly good bits of her food. And she gets right in your face for conversation and hanging … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces from My Day

On the theory that a few things make a post. 1) I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to the lovely woman in the Johnsonville Public Library this afternoon, who watched me and Petra hanging out and chatting over the chapter … Continue reading

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130kmh winds forecast for Wellington

130kmh winds forecast for Wellington | Stuff.co.nz. If this kind of wind blew in Vancouver, Stanley Park would be leveled. Here, the trees are so accustomed that the damage will probably be limited to a branch here and there. I’m … Continue reading

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Today, it’s been raining. Not a Costa Rican style tropical downpour which overwhelms the gutters, makes conversation impossible, and cuts the power. Nor yet an icy Vancouver rain that pounds on for days turning the whole world grey and featureless. … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene: Kiwis in New York

Hurricane Irene | Kiwis in New York | Stuff.co.nz. So the entire eastern seaboard of the US shut down for Hurricane Irene.  And, it’s certainly pretty full-on in some places with deaths, flooding, and huge storm surges. However, looking at … Continue reading

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Some Friday Night Weather…

It’s been a long, strange week, and I’m glad to reach the end of it. The snow was one thing, a few days of adventure, the gale force winds and hailstorms and rain squalls that followed, have been a whole … Continue reading

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