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On Reinventing Idioms

A lovely wee quote from Petra talking about the craft project of one of her classmates: If Dylan wants to finish her bag before the end of the year, she’ll have to get on her wriggle. What she’s trying to … Continue reading

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Petra’s Idiolect

As Petra gets older and more linguistically sophisticated, she loses more and more of her idiosyncratic baby language. Fortunately for the sentimental members of the family, she still has a few quirks left. Her ‘th’ sound is still an ‘s’. … Continue reading

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A Bit of Language Geekery: Mark Forsyth’s The Elements of Eloquence

A friend recently pointed me in the direction of Mark Forsyth’s work, and I’m very glad he did. Forsyth is a language wonk and has written about obsolete words (The Horologican) and the often bizarre connections between words (The Etymologican). … Continue reading

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A Post With a Language List

It’s a bracing day here in the capital city. Gale force winds, sideways rains, that sort of thing. And I’m pottering at the computer doing nothing in particular while Travis and Petra spend some time being mall rats at the … Continue reading

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More Petraisms

A couple of Petra’s great coinages: Bumpin = bottom Unihorn = unicorn

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I can tell Petra's a New Zealander because I overheard her asking Travis for the heckey sec (hackey sac) the other day.  She also says hee-ah, thee-ah, everywhee-ah (here, there, everywhere) with a conspicuous lack of "r's". I can tell … Continue reading

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Baby Swears

Post-baby, my language has undergone a revolution.  No more satisfying Anglo-Saxon four-letter words for me.  I'm stuck with things like "holy moly" and "duude" and "my goodness."  It's just not the same at all.  Despite my best efforts, Petra has … Continue reading

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