Good Things: A Five Part Series in Four Posts

Over on Facebook a friend of mine tagged me in the ‘list three positives from your day for five days’ meme that’s currently doing the rounds.
I’ve done two days so far and I thought I might just post them here as well to keep the blog ticking over. Petra and I will be going to Dunedin for a week next Tuesday, and I’m busy with the pre-holiday laundry and tidying, which leaves less time than usual for coming up with subjects for the blog.
Here are the first two days:

Day 1/5 of three positives…
1. Miss Petra getting dressed up in her ballet gear and putting on a dance show for me this afternoon.
2. Gorgeous mid-winter weather in Wellington.
3. My new, and greatly improved, haircut.

Day 2/5 of three positives…
1) Taking Pip for a wander round our street in the dark. He’s getting much better on the leash – not quite so much yanking these days.
2) Visiting the local library all by myself tonight.
3) Garlic sprouting and bulbs emerging in our garden. Our winter’s been so mild that everything’s coming up a couple of months early.

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