School Holidays

Miss Petra is off school for two weeks which means that I get two weeks off driving to and from Lower Hutt twice a day. Our bank account likes the reduced petrol bill, and I very much like the break from the car.

So far, we’re having a peaceful time. We went to the library yesterday and today we walked Pip up to the lookout at the top of the hill. Once there, we all had fun in our various ways. I looked out at the stunning view of Wellington’s harbour, Petra bounced around in the grass, and Pip ran all over the off-leash area with his nose to the ground.

We’ve spent the bulk of our time listening to audio books. Petra’s moved on from Paddington Bear and Stephen Fry to The Children of Noisy Village. This is one of Astrid Lindgren’s non-Pippi Longstocking books and is a lovely account of life in a small Swedish village in (if Wikipedia is to be believed) the 1930’s. The life described is peaceful and in tune with the seasons and filled with small pleasures and joys. And the book is full of quiet humour for the grown up readers. We’ve listened to it three times today and I’ve been amused and touched each time, and Petra has giggled and giggled. I particularly like the chapter about the small girls trying to bring happiness to their neighbours and inadvertently being horribly annoying. Petra likes the descriptions of Christmas and Easter and birthdays – her favourite times of the year.

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