Judy Murray

Andy Murray’s mum is a fabulous-sounding woman. She’s done a long interview with The Guardian which they’re publishing in bits and pieces today. She talked about working with young tennis players in Scotland with no budget and no facilities. And in this section she talks about the Dunblane mass shooting. Both her children were at school when it happened and she describes driving toward the school not knowing what’s happened, and eventually getting out of the car and running because the road was so crowded. Andy and Jamie were fine but 16 five and six year olds and their teacher were murdered.

She also talks about perceptions of her as an aggressive woman:

I think if I were the dad of sons, I wouldn’t have been noticed. There’s something about a competitive mum, especially when the children are male.

I have my own life and I’m always busy. If I want to see my children, watching them play is often the easiest way. I don’t smile when I watch Andy because I’m totally focused. If he looks up, he doesn’t want to see me laughing.

Best of all is the attached photo. There’s so much affection on display.

Judy and Andy Murray Photograph: Matt LLoyd/REX

Judy and Andy Murray Photograph: Matt LLoyd/REX

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4 Responses to Judy Murray

  1. Andy can do it again this year !!! Come on Andy !!!

  2. janstra says:

    Ooh, that’s a hard one. But I think I might have to pick Andy as well. If it’s anything like last year though, there will be some surprises before we get that far!

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