Andy Murray on Women Coaching Men

Here’s his response to questions about whether it’s okay for a male player to have a female coach:

“I don’t really care whether some of the other male players like it or not. That’s not something that bothers me. I was coached by my mum for a long time. I have had her around at tournaments for a long time. There have been ex-players and others who have said, ‘Oh, your mom shouldn’t be around’ or ‘she shouldn’t come and support you or come to watch.’ It’s silly.

“Everyone is entitled to have the team around them that they want. Everyone works very differently. Some men might not work well with a female, some men might work well with a female coach. It’s whatever your preference is and whatever your needs are.”

Yay for Andy Murray. Boo to the reporters for making a fuss about the possibility of Murray being coached by a woman. And even bigger boos to the players and other tennis folk who criticised Murray for being coached by his mum.

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