On Cutting Back

I’ve been gradually cutting back on all kinds of things recently. I cancelled our Sky subscription, so we have no TV. I ruthlessly purged my email subscriptions and my mailboxes. I’m avoiding the supermarket as much as possible and staying out of clothes and book shops.

I’m pretty much sugar free and I don’t miss it now that I’ve gone through the withdrawal phase. I don’t get cravings and I’m not getting hypoglycemic if I don’t eat every couple of hours. I feel more alert and generally healthier. And I’ve lost that stubborn bit of weight I’ve been stuck with for a couple of years. My taste buds seem to have changed, reducing my tolerance for and enjoyment of sweetness. And if I fall off the wagon and eat all the cake, I feel so lousy afterwards that I have a lot of incentive not to fall. The blood sugar spike is one thing, but the crash is another entirely more unpleasant thing. It takes a couple of days to get recalibrated again, so the pain outweighs the gain at this stage.

Buoyed by my successes and by the evidence that I have a bit of willpower, I’ve decided to have a go at cutting back something entirely more tricky. My internet usage. I’ve fallen into the habit of just plopping down in front of the computer and surfing and surfing and surfing if I’m bored or tired or sad or lonely or anything slightly uncomfortable. This is hellishly wasteful of my limited time, tough on the eyes (and hands if I do too much typing), and very annoying for Petra who’d much rather I talked to her. Therefore, I’ve decided that my new challenge is limiting my computer time. I’m going to keep writing my own blog and give myself half an hour or so a day to deal with my email and logistical things, and do any other browsing that takes my fancy, but that will be it. No more disappearing down blog and tumblr link wormholes. No more checking my email and Facebook many times a day.

Wish me luck. I may need it.

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2 Responses to On Cutting Back

  1. iamroewan says:

    Very noble! You have plans for your extra time?

    • janstra says:

      Not nobility so much as a fear that I’m frittering my life away. Today I played a few cut-throat hands of fish and snap with Petra who was home sick from school, stuck stickers in books, and played board games. And, I made a wee dent in the horrible clutter that’s overtaken every flat surface in the house. When Petra’s at school, and I’m not sick either, I plan to read and write and generally catch up with myself.

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