Respect My Authoritah

Petra planned an afternoon of sticker booking and music listening for us yesterday. She turned up the Tchaikovsky really loud and we rocked out to Swan Lake (it amuses me that she’s the one searching out the classical music, while I’m the rock/alternative/whatever listener) while sticking fancy clothes in our sticker books. 

It was all very peaceful until the dog decided to join in. His theory is that if I’m on the floor, he should sit on my lap and lick any exposed skin he can find. I sent him back to his mat and said ‘stay’ a few times without much success. After the third or fourth round of ‘stay, stay, stay,’ followed by him leaping up and following me, I said, ‘Now what part of stay don’t you understand, Pip?’

Petra thought that was hilarious and rolled around on the floor laughing until she cried and gasping, ‘All of it. He doesn’t understand all of it.’

So much for my authority…

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