Burning Questions of Our Time

Petra likes to chat in the car and she comes up with all kinds of things to discuss. Today’s issue was speed. She asked me, “If you got a Bernese Mountain Dog and [Usain] Bolt together, who would run the fastest?”

This is a very good question. One that requires research. How fast do Bernese Mountain dogs run? Not as fast as our poodle/cocker spaniel cross. We know that because we’ve seen Pip playing with Bernese Mountain dogs in the local park. How fast does Usain Bolt run? He’d be slower than Pip at a dead run as well, I would think.

Fortunately, it seems that Petra’s not the only one wondering about this. Google ‘how fast is usain bolt?’ and you find out all kinds of things. I looked at planet-science.com (a cool science website for kids) and found out that Bolt averages 23.3odd mph and has been recorded reaching a maximum of 27.44 mph. He’s faster than an elephant (just), slower than a cat and a lot slower than a greyhound.

But what about Bernese Mountain dogs? Google is much less helpful here. They’re a big breed who are lively in short bursts apparently, but don’t have lots of endurance. It’s best not to run them on hard surfaces and long hikes or runs are not advisable. My guess would be that over a short distance, they’d still be quite a lot faster than Usain Bolt, but that he’d outlast them.

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