It’s My Birthday, Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday…

It’s official – I’m old as fuck. Or definitely, unavoidably middle-aged anyway.

I’ve had a lovely day. Petra and Travis put a lot of thought and effort into it for me. I got to sleep in and then they delivered breakfast in bed. Once I’d eaten my crumpets and downed a bit of tea, I did a combined Easter egg and birthday present hunt. They’d stashed the eggs all round the lounge and each egg came with a cryptic clue for me to untangle. They even managed to get the clues to rhyme. Very clever.

I found my presents last of all. Petra’s been working on them since just after Christmas. She and Travis went shopping in Kirkcaldie & Stains and came up with a pretty blue tin full to the brim with fragrant Earl Grey tea, and a beautiful necklace by my favourite jewellery maker. Petra chose me a Disney princess card that came complete with a lip gloss on a necklace, which she claimed for herself, and Tinkerbell wrapping paper.

I spent a lot of time this morning on the phone to various and sundry of my Dunedin relatives. They sang in my ear and chatted. The untuneful singing of happy birthday is a family tradition – it just wouldn’t feel like a birthday without it.

And the finishing touch was the chocolate cake slathered with lashings of whipped cream that we had for pudding tonight.

I’m feeling full of food and very well-loved, which is always a good way to finish the day and start the next year.

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