Cryptic Blog Post Titles

Coming up with titles for blog posts is the hardest part of the writing process, I find. I use bits of song lyric, hazily-remembered quotations from books and poems, and, if all else fails, simple descriptions of the contents of the post. If you can come up with a short description, that last approach is the best one – at least people know what they’re getting then. But it’s not easy.

Looking at my dashboard just now, I find a draft post titled ‘Amongst the Wreckage’. I saved the title but left the body of the post tantalisingly blank. And now, a couple of weeks later, I have no idea what the intended subject was.

Was I planning a rant about the terrible clutter in my lounge? A description of the state of the street when it’s windy on rubbish day? An existential lament about mid-life? A moaning and groaning about the loss of most of my library which has left me with only the rump of my book collection? A complaint about the chaos Petra leaves in her wake when she’s been painting or drawing or designing? Something else entirely?

I do not know. Let that be a lesson to me to come up with more informative titles.

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