Build it and they will come

We were out this afternoon for several hours at a birthday party. When we left, Pip was safely in the back yard behind the fence. When we arrived home though, Pip met us on the footpath round the front of the house. We’re not quite sure how he got out, or how long he’d been roaming. But he’s knackered now, so he was obviously off having adventures for a fair portion of the afternoon.

Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to go far.

Travis is going to add an extra bit of trellis to the piece of fence we think is the most likely point of escape. And, we’ll have to start trusting him to stay inside on his own because it seems that no matter how good our fences are, he can find a way though or over or around.

I’ll work my way round the lounge and strip it of anything tempting, and then start leaving him on his own for short periods. He’ll probably be fine. And it’s far better that he eats a toy or some such than gets himself in trouble roaming around outside on his own.

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