Bits and Bobs

A few small things make a post. Or so I’m told.

1) The mouse trap worked. We caught a mouse the other night. It spent the night peacefully enough in the trap eating every last morsel of peanut butter. And in the morning, Petra and Travis drove it up to the top of the hill to release it in the reserve. It bounded off looking a bit peanut buttery, but otherwise undamaged. We hope it enjoys its new home; and we hope it never finds its way back to our home.

2) Six is turning out to be a hectic age for a wee girl. Petra’s growing like crazy. She grew out of a pair of tracksuit pants in the time it took me to launder them. And her dresses and tights are crawling further up her legs by the day. I was questioning my washing skills for a while there, wondering if I was suddenly shrinking everything in the wash. But no – she’s just on a tear. She’s also working on a whole lot of new skills, physical and mental. She can climb, skip, run, and jump better, run faster, dance harder, play for longer. It’s exhausting just to watch her. She’s also forming much more sophisticated social relationships with her classmates. They play complex group games and are affectionate and kind and considerate with one another, except when they’re bickering of course. She tells stories, makes jokes, engages me in long discussions about her games, asks all kinds of tricky questions, and generally gives every sign of having the busiest brain on the block. I didn’t realise that six was such a transformational time. Child development is a wondrous and constantly shifting thing.

3) The dog on the other hand is getting mellower all the time. He’s not a puppy any more. He still likes to play and he still goes crazy now and then, but he also likes to lie around and sleep or just hang out near us. And he’s working very hard on figuring out what we want and learning new skills. We’re learning how to teach him as well. The dog training course we’ve just finished was really more about training us than him. We learned how to be exciting and clear and generally worthy of his attention, and he learned that we will give him treats if he figures out what we want. He’s extremely food-focused and will do whatever it takes for a piece of cheese or a bit of ham or a chunk of leathery dog treat. We’re all enjoying his company very much. I notice that we all get down on the floor nose to nose with him for chats and cuddles. He has us well-trained.

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