Autumn is Coming…

Bringing with it, not snow and war, but mice. We spotted one running across the kitchen floor the other night. I’ve been twitchy ever since, hearing scufflings and rustlings. But we didn’t find any signs of mice – no droppings, no smells, no more sightings. So, I did my best to pretend that it didn’t happen.

Until tonight when one very bold wee creature ran across the lounge, past the dog’s nose and almost under my feet. I was less bold and fled to the bathroom while Travis searched for it (with no success). The dog was no use. His first move was to start industriously sniffing out where the mouse had come from. He showed no interest at all in where it had gone. Not particularly helpful of him.

I got straight online (once Travis had finished searching the lounge) and ordered a couple of live traps. They’ll be here by the weekend, and I hope most devoutly that they work.

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