Coughs and Colds and Books

Miss Petra has had a cold since last Friday. She’ll probably be at home with me until next week. And she’s grumpy and in need of consolation and entertainment. All of which means that not much of anything is getting done at my place. I am managing to remain sugar-free, although I’ve yet to figure out a really sustainable diet. Mainly because my efforts a cooking a good evening meal have been a tad erratic for the last few days.

I haven’t gotten properly sick at least – I’ve managed to escape with just tiredness and a bit of a headache, and even that could be caused by the change in my diet rather than a virus. Either way, I’ve been sluggish.

On the up side, I have emptied my bookcases, dusted everything, and re-shelved all the books in something approximating order. Adult fiction on one, overloaded bookcase. YA and children’s fiction, and non-fiction on the built-in shelves. Now all the shelves are totally full, and I have a to-be-sold pile, a put these away in a cupboard pile, and an ouch these ones don’t fit anywhere pile to deal with. All these books even though I’m trying to be an abstemious book buyer – god knows what would happen if I cut loose. We’d have to buy a bigger house or build an extra room or move into the garage and leave the books in possession of the house.

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