Constant Cravings

I’m feeling better today. Not so tired and bleary. And not so hungry. Thankfully. It’s been no fun detoxifying and it’s not done yet. I’m still craving junk food and I’m still contemplating a life without chocolate or ice cream or cake with a fair degree of trepidation. Is it even possible not to have cake?

Maybe the urge to eat something, anything sweet will wear off as I continue through the 8 week no-sugar programme I’ve committed myself to. And once I’m all sugar-free and back at some kind of equilibrium, I can start eating a bit of fruit again. And maybe the odd bit of cake (she mutters hopefully).

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7 Responses to Constant Cravings

  1. Tracey says:

    Well, you helped me get some motivation! I have nearly completed day 1. My stomach keeps telling me I am hungry. And I have some coconut chocolate in the freezer and three brownies in the fridge. They need to go away tomorrow. I wasn’t really tempted at all today…until tonight.

    • janstra says:

      Well done! 🙂 Good luck. Hopefully you don’t have to feel as crappy as I have for the last week or so.
      Night time is the worst – I’m tired and that’s when I usually have a treat of some kind. I’ve been eating carrots and drinking tea to try to fend off the urge and grazing on nuts and crackers. I’m hoping that the horrible hungry feeling wears off soonish.

      • Tracey says:

        Right now I am drinking a cinnamon tea. I need to prepare myself some evening snacks so I have them at the ready. I mow it is worth it in the long run but it sure is difficult. This will be my third time doing it and I usually have a few good days then things go downhill. I get cranky and tired and generally don’t want to talk to anyone!

  2. iamroewan says:

    This sounds really harsh. I didn’t know that it was so hard to go without sugar but then I’ve always favoured more savoury tastes and have never really liked sweets much. I don`t even care for cake. Only certain very specific foods like authentic dark chocolate and Nanaimo bars and home made shortbread cookies at Christmas time are my sweet downfall.

    I did quit smoking many years ago (after several failed attempts) so I think I have some inkling of your pain as regards to overcoming an addiction! Not thinking about the future helped me through it. I just tried to concentrate on one day at a time. Eventually I had so many days invested into the effort that I didn`t want to undo it all just for the temporary pleasure of one cigarette. But my mouth still waters when I think about smoking.

    • janstra says:

      I didn’t realise it would be so unpleasant either. I think I was eating a lot more sugar than I knew. It was tucked away in places that I didn’t suspect. Thankfully, I feel much better now. Still a bit hungry and sorry, but not nearly so discombobulated and unwell.
      The one day at a time approach is good advice. One day I can manage; forever’s a bit more difficult!
      Have you ever had a smoke since you quit?

      • iamroewan says:

        I did have two or three cigarettes on separate occasions years after I successfully quit. Excessive alcohol and everyone around me smoking was my undoing each time. Smoking, for me anyway, has always been associated with pleasant companionable social situations. But I didn’t like the taste and even though the nicotine high was very nice I didn’t want another cigarette later.

        I think avoiding the situations where I always smoked was a big help during the time I was trying to quit.

  3. janstra says:

    Yes,bars (before they went smoke free) and parties would be tough situations when you’re quitting smoking – alcohol and cigarettes go together. I’ll just have to stay out of bakeries and keep away from kids’ birthday parties. 🙂

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