A Spoonful of Sugar

We’ve decided that we’re eating too much sugar at our house. I realised that I was eating lots of sneaky sugar – oranges, oranges, and more oranges, a bit of honey here and there – as well as more and more chocolate and ice cream treats. And I also realised that I was having sugar crashes several times a day.

So, we’re taking a break for a couple of months to see what happens. One and a half weeks in and I feel thoroughly lousy. And hungry. And I’m suffering from cravings. It’s like quitting smoking or some such. I had no idea.

The withdrawal symptoms could last a week. They could last a month. I’m crossing my fingers that they pass before I crack and fall off the wagon.

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6 Responses to A Spoonful of Sugar

  1. Tracey says:

    It took me about two weeks before I felt better. After that it was fairly easy to stay off for months. But it was all or nothing. One sneaky bite and it is a. Rey slippery slope. I also started eating some kinds of fruit after a few weeks but stayed away from refined sugar and processed flour. I wish I had the will power to do it now because I need to now.

    • janstra says:

      I remember you mentioning on Facebook a while ago that you were cutting back on sugar. Did you find that you felt better while you were avoiding it? I’m hoping to feel less grungy and tired. But I’m surprised at how crappy I feel right now – I must have been more hooked than I knew. I read ‘I Quit Sugar’ by the Australian writer and that helped me decide to take the plunge. Have you seen that book?

  2. Tracey says:

    I felt so much better. More energy, no daytime crashes. And the adds benefit of weight loss. I need to do it for my health. I am on the brink but can’t get started. I have seen that book. There is so much information out there that makes sense. I need motivation to get me started!!

  3. janstra says:

    Maybe we need a virtual support group! It’s a hard thing to do. I was in the supermarket today looking at all the things I can’t have and it was pretty dispiriting. But I want to at least find out if reducing my sugar intake helps me feel healthier. So I’m going to tough it out for a while.

  4. LFFL says:

    I wish fruit didn’t have so much sugar in it. Though it’s supposed to be good for you.

    • janstra says:

      That’s what I was telling myself as I ate four or five or however many pieces of fruit a day. I think it’s fine in moderation, but I certainly was eating too much.

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