Tripping Down Amnesia Lane Again

And now the music from 1983. Alas, I can’t embed videos, so those who want to trip through my musical past with me will have to click through to the Youtube links.

My first find was a bit of Australian pub rock from Hoodoo Gurus. A lovely song called My Girl (Don’t Love Me). The video is a great time capsule of Melbourne in the 80’s. Dog racing, bad suits, old-fashioned, unreconstructed public bars.

Next was Rain by Dragon. Dragon are one of those hybrid Australian/New Zealand band that we like to bicker over down in this part of the world. Rain is an absolutely essential part of the New Zealand cultural zeitgeist, one of those songs that causes everyone in the bar to stop what they’re doing and sing along. It’s got a great chorus, suitably obscure lyrics, and a wonderful driving base line. Antipodean stadium rock at its finest.

And then I remembered that The Violent Femmes’ first album was released in 1983. I loved it as a teenager. The angst, the hostility, the lechery – a fine fine rendition of adolescence. And again, wonderful percussion and base. It’s hard to play favourites with such a great collection of songs. But I was particularly fond of ‘Gone Daddy Gone’ (that xylophone solo is hard to pass up) and ‘Add It Up’. I don’t like the music as much now that I’m a middle-aged mother of one, but The Violent Femmes were a vital part of my life for many many years.

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