Miss Petra has never had as much stamina as many of her peers. While they were off playing soccer and having swimming lessons and going to daycare for 6 hours a day, Petra was going on small outings to the library or to a playground or wandering around the neighbourhood.

Even now, when she’s a big school girl full of confidence and joy in her powers, she still gets exhausted. This year, she can go to school from 8:45 to 2:45, which is two hours longer than last year. She’s done a handful of longer days so far this term, and while the afternoons sound very mellow and nice (lounging around on the floor while people read and sing to you, and wipe your face and hands with lavender-scented cloths seems like a most excellent thing to do – I’m thinking of joining in!), that additional time at school is tiring.

Add in a 30 minute ballet lesson on Tuesday afternoon, and you’ve got a recipe for a very worn out and growly girl. Meltdowns to the left, meltdowns to the right, and me, going quietly squirly in the middle.

I’m thinking that one or two long days a week will be heaps for now, for everyone’s sake. I don’t want Petra staggering through her life in a semi-comatose state, feeling overwhelmed and overworked. And I don’t want to be dealing with the inevitable chaos that such a state causes. Me, I like the peaceful life!

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