Music that Hurts

Petra’s blowing on the penny whistle that her father thoughtfully brought back from Dublin a couple of years ago. The poor dog is barking and whimpering along. I don’t like the noises the whistle makes; I can’t imagine how nasty it is for Pip with his clever sensitive ears.

I do know what it’s like not to enjoy certain sounds though. When Celine Dion unleashes her voice into the top of her range, the hair on my arms and neck stands up and I cringe. Her voice is like fingernails on a blackboard for me – it makes my teeth hurt. I can’t make it through a whole song of hers.

And Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ has a similar effect. I just can’t. It comes on the radio; I change the station. Someone plays the record; I leave the room. The supermarket pipes it through their sound system and I am uncomfortable and twitchy until the song finally ends (which takes forever because it goes on and on and on, and then on some more). I’m not sure if it’s Robert Plant’s voice, or the endless guitar riffs, or some tricky combination, but it all adds up to something intolerable. Their other songs don’t bother me in the same way – I don’t love most of them, but I can at least stay in the room while they’re playing.

Bon Jovi causes me pain as well. I was rousted out of Whitcoull’s the other day because they were piping Bon Jovi songs at us. I managed to block it for a few minutes, but in the end I couldn’t fend off the horribleness and wandered off to Starbucks. ‘You Give Love a Bad Name,’ did me in.

Do other people have similar strong and apparently random dislikes of particular songs, or singers, or musical styles? Or is it just me?

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2 Responses to Music that Hurts

  1. iamroewan says:

    My teeth cringe for Celine Dion as well. Bon Jovi is just sort of blah for me. But I love everything by Led Zeppelin, especially Stairway To Heaven! I was in my late teens and early 20s when their first 5 or 6 albums came out and I was influenced by friends who were really into blues-rock and heavy metal. I have good memories associated with those musical genres.

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