A Few Things Make a Post

Bits and Pieces from my week.

1) Petra has joined the ranks of the big kids at school this year and is staying until 2:45 a few times a week. The change has its benefits, but also its costs. On the upside, I have an extra two hours a day to myself. On the downside, we’re now part of the after-school rush. And, by the time we get home, the day’s pretty much over. I miss our leisurely afternoons.

2) The dog has entered his bolshie teen years. Give him an inch or two and he’ll take the whole house. I felt sorry for him when he came home from the vet all forlorn and full of stitches and let him sit with me on the red chair. Turns out that was a strategic error on my part. Over a week later, and I’m still convincing him that he doesn’t get to leap onto my knee whenever he likes. And, after a couple of months of good behaviour, he’s jumping up at us again and taking my hands in his mouth. He’s very gentle, but his intention is definitely bossy. He’s a smart dog, and he’s working on us all the time. I’m getting lots of practice at setting consistent, firm boundaries.

3) New Zealand won a cricket test against India. It’s been a pleasant surprise to see them playing so well and confidently this summer, with only a couple of abject batting collapses, and very little in the way of panic when things don’t go quite right. They’re playing in Wellington this weekend, and I might try to convince Petra and Travis that they need to see a few hours of cricket on Sunday, if the weather holds.

4) And finally, a link to In My Mind by Amanda Palmer. I dreamed about it this morning (I even knew the lyrics, although I don’t when I’m awake) – my subconscious trying to tell me something perhaps.

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