Poor Mr Pip

We took him to the vet today and had him neutered. One of his testicles hadn’t dropped so he has three wounds instead of one. He’s asleep leaning against Travis at the moment. But, if he’s alone, or in an uncomfortable position, he’s whimpering and moaning and generally being thoroughly miserable. It’s no fun.

I feel like the worst dog owner ever. Even though I know that there are health benefits and behaviour benefits to getting your dog neutered.

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2 Responses to Poor Mr Pip

  1. iamroewan says:

    We once had a dog that had the same sort of complication. Takes a little longer to heal. Poor Mr Pip!

    You`re not the worst dog owner ever. We are. Our Andy with the extra complication turned out to be allergic to the latex stitches, managed to remove most of them while we weren`t watching (with way way too dramatic results!!!) and our vet had to re-sew him up with traditional catgut. We felt really bad for not noticing right away that things were not quite right!

  2. janstra says:

    Oww! Poor Andy. I bet you felt terrible. It turns out that it’s possible to feel almost as guilty about pet parenting as it is about child parenting.

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