There’s a really lovely article in the Sydney Morning Herald today, about Australian cricketer Brad Haddin. He retired from cricket for a couple of years because his young daughter got very very sick. He and his wife focused all their attention on helping her get well and maintaining some semblance of normality for their sons.

Haddin speaks movingly about his wife’s part in his return to cricket:

‘That was a special day for all of us. It was me coming back to the SCG after an absence from Test cricket and having two of our kids out there with me was very special for Karina, their mum. The one person who deserves all the credit for everything is my wife. The sacrifices she’s made and what she’s gone through with her little girl … I can’t speak highly enough of her. She allowed me the opportunity to get back. We had a conversation about me walking away from the game – and I was happy to do that if things didn’t go right for Mia – but how Karina has held the family, she deserves the credit.’

And then, there’s the final paragraph of the article:

Haddin left for South Africa the day after most of his teammates flew out because of another family matter. ”Darren Lehmann encourages family first,” Haddin said. ”Darren said, ‘You’re flying out only after you take your son for his first day at school’. He sees cricket as a game, something that is only there for a short term of your life and [that thinking] takes all of the anxiety out of the room.”

It sounds as though Cricket Australia has its priorities right as well. We should all have such enlightened workplaces.

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