We have liftoff…

After several weeks of quietly doing nothing in particular, we seem to be cramming an entire holiday’s worth of activities into this week. A play date yesterday at the park beside Petra’s school. A play date today at a friend’s house. The climbing gym tomorrow so that Petra can show me her mad climbing skills. Haircuts and lunch in town on Friday. Multiple library visits. Trips to the dentist and doctor for checkups. And several shoe and clothes shopping trips to replace everything that Petra’s either grown out of or worn out.

School starts next week and we’re building up to escape velocity.

Petra will be at school all day this year – from 8:45 to 2:45. It will be a long day for both of us at first I imagine. Petra’s already planning to finish at 12:45 sometimes because the long days are a bit daunting.

As for me, I’ll miss Petra. But I’ll have so much more time – an extra 10 hours a week. What am I going to do? I’m not sure yet. Clean house and take naps. And finish my short story writing course, which has been on hold since Petra got pneumonia last year. Once I’ve caught up with my chores and some sleep, I’ll be better able to decide what I want to do with myself.

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