Good Things

Petra and I are keeping a Good Things box this year. Every day, we both think of a thing that we particularly enjoyed that day and I write it on a piece of paper and stash it away in an old shoe box. Come the end of the year, we will have a record of the small pleasures of our daily lives that we’d otherwise forget. I hope we enjoy rereading our notes this time next year.

Today’s Good Thing for me was ordering a whole lot of bags of composted poo for the garden. Perhaps I need to get out more. In my defense though, it’s not just ordinary old poo, it’s ZooDoo. Manure collected from a number of New Zealand’s zoos and turned into compost. Our garden will be covered in giraffe, zebra, elephant, bison, antelope, llama, rhino, hippo and camel poo.

The ZooDoo is produced by an organisation called Second Chance, which employs people with psychiatric disabilities. The ZooDoo operation employs about 60 people. And the profits are directed back to people with disabilities in one way or another.

So it’s good all round.

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