Book Slump

What do you do when you’re in a reading slump and just can’t find a book to settle into? It’s a miserable feeling. I wander aimlessly round my bookshelves pulling out books and putting them back again. I collect books from the library and send them back unread. I browse my recommendations at Amazon. I read blogs. I also try rereading my old faithful authors and books – Jane Austen, P G Wodehouse, Diana Wynne Jones.

Sometimes, though, none of those things work. I’m reading Damsel In Distress by P G Wodehouse at the moment. And it’s not helping. I’m about half way through it and will probably finish it over the weekend, and I’m enjoying it well enough. But it’s not giving me that lost in a book feeling that I look for. I can take it or leave it.

I’m sure that if I can just find the right book, all will be well. But which book is the right one?

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4 Responses to Book Slump

  1. Tracey says:

    I read Gone Girl and then The Goldfinch and now I can’t seem to get into another book. So frustrating. I read a few pages and can’t settle, on to the next…

  2. janstra says:

    I’m scared to read Gone Girl in case it’s too horrible – I’m a wuss. Sometimes when you read something really good it’s hard to find anything to live up to it. Is that what’s happening for you?
    Whatever the cause, it certainly is frustrating…

  3. iamroewan says:

    I’m having book problems too. In my case I think it’s been brought on by too much anticipation for new books that I know are coming out eventually but haven’t been released yet…or, in a couple of cases haven’t even been written yet!

  4. janstra says:

    Anticipation is part of my problem as well. I’m stuck in the middle of several series, waiting for the next novel to come out. I’ve got nine months to wait in a couple of cases, and who knows how long for some of the others. And it’s testing my patience.

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