Lazy Days of Summer

Travis has been back at work for a week, and Petra and I have spent our days just loitering around the house and in the garden. Right now, it’s lovely outside but Miss Petra is curled up in the beanbag looking at Shirley Hughes’ Alfie books and telling herself stories. She has been outside to do a spot of tree-climbing, and we’ve taken Pip and Petra’s doll Bella for a meander round the neighbourhood. We’ve also been to the shoe shop – an outing that Petra always loves. She got pink gumboots and funky pink sandals for school. We checked out the ballet gear and the princess costumes they have out the back. And the staff treated her to a lollipop and a ballerina pencil.

But, we haven’t been hitting the beach, going to the pool, hanging in the park, or doing any of those summery things.

I have a bit of maternal guilt about not filling Petra’s days with fun sunny activities, not taking her off to the zoo or Zealandia or the bike park or somewhere. Should I be amusing my child, stimulating her, trying to build memories and events for the future? Or should I be letting her lounge if that’s what she wants to do?

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