Day Two: On Being Found

I put up my first post of the new year last night and received a few emails notifying me that other people with WordPress blogs had liked the post or decided to follow the blog. This is flattering and a little surprising. And leaves me with the question, “How did they find me?” Is there a way to see new posts on WordPress as they are put up? Or are people just randomly cruising the blog entries under particular tags? I’ve had my blog here for years now, without ever quite figuring out how WordPress might work as a community.

I came from SixApart’s Vox platform, which managed to build a fabulous community and then dismantle it because they couldn’t seem to leave well enough alone and kept tweaking the interface until they’d alienated most of their users. I still miss Vox and the other bloggers who made it such a lively place to hang out.

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