Who’s the Cleverest of Them All?

At dinner the other night, Petra and Travis had a funny conversation about knowledge. She asked him a question that he couldn’t answer.
Travis: I don’t know.
Petra: Why not?
Travis: Because I don’t know everything.
Petra: Why not? Mama does.
Petra, turning to me: You know everything don’t you Mama?
Me: Uhh
Travis: Mothers do, I suppose.

But, least I get too carried away with my omniscience, Travis reported a conversation they had at the toy library the next day. Travis and Petra went to do our volunteer stint for the term and told the other volunteers that Travis would be Janette for the morning.
Petra, to the assembled masses: Mama didn’t come because she’s lazy.
Assembled masses: Hahaha.
Other volunteer mum: I’m never going anywhere without my daughter again.

And, fair enough too, because you just never know what observations they’ve made and are about to share. Petra sees all, even, perhaps especially, things you’d rather she didn’t.

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