Deep Thoughts

Petra is coming up six now and she’s thinking lots of thinks. Questions I’ve been asked recently include: how did life start? how did the world start? how did people start?

I began with the big bang and worked forward, touching on chemistry and cells, dinosaurs, mammals and humans, and the theory of evolution. Petra’s response to the idea that people are descended from some kind of ape was, “how odd.” Which made me laugh.

What I said intrigued her though, and she’s been asking me to tell her “the story of life,” over and over.

Today she told me that the earth is a giant ball floating in space even though it feels flat and still to us. And she explained that if you go up into space, the air doesn’t come with you, so you have to take your own. This made her consider what breathing is – “you just take the air in, and blow it out. It’s simple.”

She also asked me what I think about God this afternoon. I pulled the clever mama trick of asking what she thought. “God is the whole world and everything in it,” she told me. A good answer.

I need a science book and a set of well-thought-out spiritual beliefs so that I can keep up. And by the time she’s 7, my poor middle-aged brain will be totally overmatched.

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3 Responses to Deep Thoughts

  1. Erik Andrulis says:

    “And by the time she’s 7, my poor middle-aged brain will be totally overmatched. ” And that’s what my kids did to me, too. Lol.

    • janstra says:

      I suppose it’s the natural way of things, but it’s a bit chastening. 🙂

      • Erik Andrulis says:

        Ain’t that the truth. Still, with 3 precocious ones running around over here, they sure keep me on my feet. Peace on Earth, Ik

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