Monarch of the Swan Plant

We are watching monarch caterpillars turn into butterflies at my place. We bought a swan plant with two caterpillars on it a week ago and have been observing the fascinating process caterpillars go through. They eat and eat and eat, and grow and grow and grow (and poo and poo and poo). It’s like living with a flock of tiny sheep. They stripped one swan plant in a matter of a couple of days, sending Petra and me on a mad dash around the local garden shops to find them a new one. Then the biggest one attached itself to the underside of a leaf with some white goo, and hung there not moving for a day. Then, when it was ready, it shed its skin and turned from long stripy caterpillar into short green cocoon by some magical process. It’s an amazing and weird thing to have happening in your dining room.

I found a video of the process on Youtube. It’s long, but fascinating and not a little creepy.

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