Adventures in the Kitchen

We had a wee mishap at our place today. Petra and I were kicking a ball in the kitchen as you do when you’re hanging with a preschooler, and a good time was being had until we knocked the dishwasher, which started beeping like a truck backing up and growling at us. I pressed buttons to no avail, and then poked around in the neighbouring cupboards looking for the off-switch. Unfortunately, the dishwasher was installed with the plug in the wall behind it, and I’m not tough enough to wrestle a loaded dishwasher out of its home, so we were stuck with the beeping. There was nothing for it but to call the Fisher & Paykel repair people, who said someone could come see me sometime between 1 and 5.

While we waited, we went outside to escape the noise and lopped the hell out of the hedge – because I’m always on the look out for reasons to get out the loppers.

The repair guy appeared a couple of hours later, pulled out the dishwasher, switched it off, switched it on again, and silence was restored. Apparently dishwashers have a floating switch thing that turns them off in case of a flood and the knock tripped the switch. No damage done, except to my eardrums. And the man was kind enough not to charge me the $110 call-out fee for his two minute visit.

So we have a quiet, functional dishwasher, and a clipped hedge. And I have a pink nose as well as rapidly stiffening arms and shoulders – lifting the loppers above my head to trim the top of the hedge was hard work apparently.

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