The First Month of the Rest of Our Lives

We’ve been in our new house for about 4 weeks now. And an eventful time we’ve had of it. We moved in to find that our bedroom was mouldy and the carpets smelled bad. I spent the first week or so sleeping in the lounge while Petra and Travis crammed into Petra’s bed and our bed languished in the uninhabitable master bedroom. Then we admitted defeat and put our bed in Petra’s room so that we could all sleep together. Three weeks later and we’re still in the one room. Petra rather likes it – she may want to keep us there forever!

I had a very polite and careful wrangle with our landlord about getting our bond back. He wanted to keep it because his new tenant reneged on her lease a few days before we were due to move out. I had to phone the government agency that deals with tenancy agreements to find out if he could do that. He couldn’t. Luckily, he was prepared to admit defeat. Bond restored. Mutual goodwill maintained.

Travis did himself a mischief and we spent a day at the hospital while they checked him over. He was fine, but has had to rest so that he can recover from the infection he’d acquired, so no furniture-humping for him. I had to finish the unpacking and lugging by myself, which I surprised myself by doing quite comfortably.

We met a few of the neighbours and Petra had her first solo playdate – just over the fence. I also had a couple of grown up playdates with the local mums. More social interaction in a few weeks than I had in two years with my Johnsonville neighbours.

We bought curtains and planted strawberries and tomato plants.

I got a plumber and an electrician and a builder, and tried to find a painter. It took me a couple of false starts and some hair-raisingly expensive quotations, but I found someone. He came, he painted, and finished yesterday.

I got quotes for heat transfer systems and bookshelves – everything is just that wee bit more expensive than I hoped. So I’m counting and recounting trying to find a way to make my tiny renovation budget stretch a bit further.

And this week, Petra caught chicken pox. She’s got a relatively mild case I think, but she’s tired and in need of company and attention, so I’ve spent the last few days hanging with her, telling and reading stories, singing, and chatting about stuff, and mostly just resting.

It’s been a very full-on and sometimes stressful, but surprisingly satisfactory few weeks.

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