A Busy Life

I’ve just picked up the keys for our new house and dropped off a couple of framed pictures to show willing. We’ll shift our stuff in on Tuesday, marking the end of a hectic few weeks finding the house, putting in a successful offer, getting new tenants for our flat, and organising ourselves for the move.

Looking around the house today, I notice many things I’d like to do. From the urgent – getting what looks to be a damp ceiling in the master bedroom fixed (the builder is coming to check it out on Monday) – to the will do soonish (new paint, light fixtures, heat transfer system) – right on up to the major renovations that will have to wait until we’ve saved up enough money (building an extension to the back porch and turning it into a laundry).

I very much enjoyed pottering away at our house in Dunedin, and I’m looking forward to more scheming and plotting and improving in our new place.

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