On Striving

The Olympics start soon and everyone everywhere is talking about it. Even the guests on National Radio’s afternoon show yesterday managed to fit in some discussion of who should carry New Zealand’s flag in the opening ceremony. Nick Willis, the middle distance runner, is the choice apparently. And in the middle of that discussion, Mai Chen quoted a former world champion pole vaulter talking about his success. He said, ‘your heart must go over the bar first.’

What a lovely, succinct way to describe desire and self-belief and effort. And I wondered, what bar does my heart, does your heart, wish to go over?

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2 Responses to On Striving

  1. iamroewan says:

    I’ve been sitting here at my desk for the last hour or so reading up on exercises and preparing checklists for a program to ensure that I’m in top shape for my surgery in September and the recovery afterwards. My bar? To be driving (flooring that clutch and shifting gears in my mustang!) within 2 months and back at work (in the flooring dept!) within 3 months.

    • Janettes says:

      It must be nerve-wracking waiting for surgery. I hope you’re in good shape when it comes and that the recovery is quick and as pain-free as possible so that you’re back to being a speed-racer and flooring dept worker on schedule.
      And now the Big Guy has broken his arm – he’ll be fixed just in time to look after you while you’re recovering!!

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