All or Nothing

I’ve fallen out of the blogging habit. When I had committed to doing it every day, I just did it, and was on the lookout for ideas all the time. And, I didn’t have much trouble coming up with things to say. Now that I’m only blogging occasionally, I find it much more difficult to think of topics. Writing begets writing perhaps.

I recently read an article (I’ve forgotten where) which speaks to this dilemma. The writer suggested that some people are abstainers and some grazers. Abstainers are all or nothing types who find it easier to go cold-turkey or conversely, to do something everyday. Grazers, on the other hand, find that moderation works better for them. They prefer to ease down to having less of a thing rather than none, or to do something several times a week rather than every day. I’d never considered this before but it’s a useful insight.

I’m very definitely an abstainer; I lost weight quickly and successfully because I was very ruthless about it – I simply decided to quit eating a whole lot of high-calorie stuff and once I’d made that decision, I had little difficulty abiding by it. And my blogging worked in a similar way – I decided to do it every day, and I did. It’s when I haven’t made that kind of hard-out every day commitment that I struggle. I procrastinate and meander and find it hard to get back into things after I’ve stopped them. Time to make some extravagant commitments perhaps…

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2 Responses to All or Nothing

  1. iamroewan says:

    Abstainers and grazers…hm, that’s interesting. I wonder what type I am? I tend to get intensely interested in something and then focus a lot of attention on that one thing for some period of time. After a few months or years I get bored or the interest fades away and I find something else to go after.

    Maybe you just need to commit to another type of writing for awhile, let’s say a book. Or a series of essays or articles on some topic. It’s relatively easy to self-publish on the internet these days.

    • Janettes says:

      Yes, that’s my idea as well. Commit to do some other kind of writing every day. Once I’ve made the commitment, I don’t have to think about it anymore, I just have to show up at some point during the day and do it. Not thinking and just doing seems to be the key.

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