Neil Gaiman on Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway

Neil Gaiman.

And if you fail… is it that bad? Nothing wrong with failing. We do it all the time. At least three stories by me are so utterly rubbish I’ve never collected them. You don’t set out to make bad art, but if you are going to make art, not everything will be perfect, or even good.

You’re not a coward. Just a human being. The alternative is arrogance, and I’d take humanity over that any day.

Except you need a little arrogance, to believe that what you want to say is worth saying. Or that people would want to listen.

I wrote a Sandman short story once, called FEAR OF FALLING, about this. It was me sorting out how I thought and felt about fear of failing, and worse, fear of succeeding. It’s in the Fables and Reflections collection…

And, as I said in Coraline, bravery doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. (We’re all scared.) Bravery is being scared, but doing the work anyway.

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2 Responses to Neil Gaiman on Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway

  1. Ellen Dearnley says:

    Hi Janette,
    I was wondering what you have been up to, so googled, and found this blog, and see that you have been very busy with loads of changes in the time since we last saw you!! (I’m not yet on facebook, so my best option was google). When did you move back to NZ; Wasn’t Travis the guy that you were seeing here?? Where abouts in Wellington are you living (I’m guilty – I didn’t read your entire blog, just bits of it)?

    Congratulations on motherhood and all the other changes you have made!!

    The kids have obviously had lots of changes – Jamie is in 1st/2nd year univ – he’s a Cap this year, and will likely head to UBC next year. He’s doing really well, and hasn’t yet narrowed which of the sciences he wants to focus on – he likes them all. He doesn’t know what he wants to do, but figures he will end up with a “Dr” before his name in some way, whether it be medical or PHd. Andrea is in 11th grade, and just having fun with it.

    I’m still fighting my health battles, but am more hopeful now, as I’m trying something new. Things not so well with Graeme and I – he moved out Feb 1st of this year, but it’s so much nicer with him gone, compared to how things were!! He’s still on N Van so close by, and we get along fine.

    Hope to hear from you soon!! Cheers, Ellen

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