Texas: ground zero of war on women

Texas: ground zero of war on women – World – NZ Herald News.

A sensible take on the weirdness of Republican sexual repressiveness.

As former Senator Rick Santorum – an evangelical Catholic opposed to birth control, abortion and same-sex marriage – surges in the primaries, the 2012 contest is shaping up as a fight to defend women’s rights.

In the past few weeks a nasty electoral season has turned uglier, as talk-show host Rush Limbaugh calls a woman who advocates birth control a “slut” and a “prostitute”, Republicans in Congress try to deny funding to Planned Parenthood, the women’s health group founded in 1916, and conservative states ponder laws to emulate Texas.

And in a nation where half of pregnancies are unintended, the New Yorker reports states imposed 80 new restrictions on accessing abortion rights last year, up from 23 in 2010.

To many women it is a fundamentalist jihad to turn the clock back to some pre-feminist 1950s fantasy, when women were content to marry, have children, and stay at home.

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