Vamos Syndrome and You – Vamos Syndrome and You.

Researchers at the Center for Disease Investigation (CDI) in Atlanta, Ga., believe they’ve identified a new and potentially lethal condition that appears to affect tennis fans, particularly knowledgeable ones who know that there’s no “t” in Wimbledon. The disease has been tentatively named Vamos Syndrome, because it has been closely linked to over-exposure to both still and video images of the world renowned Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal.

Nadal in Melbourne (AP Photo/Sarah Ivey)

So it’s not just me then…

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2 Responses to Vamos Syndrome and You

  1. iamroewan says:

    So it’s an official disorder now. Ok, I read the whole article and I can`t believe that I actually did a few of the things they`re talking about. Just one or two, not that many. Potentially lethal, eh. Can`t be. I can quit any time. Like maybe tomorrow or the day after. Can I call in sick with this?

    • Janettes says:

      I’ve been stopping any day now for several years – but all that’s happened is that the advent of tennis blogs makes feeding the syndrome ever easier. We’re doomed.
      But on the upside, think of the pretty!

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