Homework Part Two

I’ve just completed my second writing course and have received some wonderfully encouraging feedback from the teacher. She told me that the second story I wrote for her is of a publishable standard. I’m not bold enough to believe her, but I’m pretty damn stoked all the same.

This course was more difficult for me than the first one because it took me to that unaccustomed place where natural smarts end and the work begins. Initially, I was annoyed and disconcerted when I wasn’t just good without effort, and I had trouble figuring out how to do the work. But once I settled into the writing and rewriting, I enjoyed myself very much. And, I’ve ended up with a couple of complete short stories.

Now I need to figure out a way to keep myself working without the pressure of deadlines and the support of regular feedback. Or, I need to sign up for another course, and then another, and then another….

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2 Responses to Homework Part Two

  1. My suggestion – find a good critique group.

    • Janettes says:

      Good idea. It seems that I really need company and deadlines if I want to get anything done. I lack the discipline, and maybe the confidence, to just sit in a corner on my own and write.

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