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Father Christmas gave Petra her very first chapter book (The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy) for Christmas. She was delighted at his thoughtfulness and very impressed that he’d put together a big kids’ book especially for her.

As an aside, I do wonder how she’s going to feel about all my equivocations and evasions and fibs when she discovers that Father Christmas is not real, but for now, she’s thrilled that he knows so much about her and what she would like and gives her such good presents.

We read it to her, chapter by chapter over a couple of days and nights, and then read it again. We checked out my bookshelves and Petra decided that the wombles books would be a good next step. We’ve read The Invisible Womble and have nearly finished The Wombles. It’s so exciting to be able to share books that I loved as a child and to have her enjoy them as much as I did. We’ll do some Paddington Bear next and maybe Pippi Longstocking, and after that, we’ll work our way through the children’s section of the public library. I look forward to it.

I’ve had fun finding out about picture books, discovering authors like Shirley Hughes and Lauren Child, as well as reacquainting myself with old favourites, and it’ll be a treat to go through the same process with chapter books for young children.

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