Welcome to 2012

Now that the postaday challenge has finished, I’m not quite sure what I’ll do here this year. I posted 312 times in 2011, taking time off for holidays, eye-strain, and viruses, and probably missing a day or two here and there out of sheer forgetfulness. I don’t imagine that my posting rate will be so high in 2012.

For now, we’re doing nothing in particular after our holiday, just hanging out at home pottering with our little garden, beating the house into some kind of order (a slow process), and relaxing. It’s a nice way to ease into the new year.

Petra’s still tired after her stay in Dunedin – it’s exhausting work getting so excited about Christmas and having to deal with so many people coming and going. She told me today that Santa had done a wonderful job choosing presents for her and she loves them all. Even the ones that weren’t on her list. She worked on her list for several months, having me write and rewrite it for her, and would have been quite content to have only received what she’d picked. But I felt that a surprise or two would make it more fun for her, so she got the things she listed and a few extras as well. The extras delighted her – she’s very impressed at the choices Santa made and pleased that he knew what she would like so well.

Points to Mama, who was the gift-buyer extraordinaire.

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