The Drive Into Summer

We spent four wonderful days in Twizel soaking up some honest to god summer, complete with clear blue skies, scorching sun, and mostly no wind. T-shirts and shorts were all the clothing we required and it was beautifully hot from first thing every morning until bedtime. I’m thinking of emigrating to the MacKenzie country. It’s alpine, so winters are harsh, but the summers are fabulous and there are lots of glacial lakes and meandering streams to potter around in. And Mt Cook is just up the road.

It’s one of my favourite places in the world. I lived at Lake Waitaki as a child and I think I’ve imprinted on the bright skies, brown sunburnt hills covered with wild thyme and roses, and the silty blue of the lakes.

We’re back in Dunedin now. Just in time to have a trip to Jizo’s with my friend Nicola followed by a visit to her house for Christmas cake, tea, and some time with her boys.

I’m feeling very relaxed and holidayish now.

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