On the Road Again

Or in the air at least. We’re off to Dunedin tomorrow morning for a couple of weeks of vacation. Petra’s so excited that she can hardly sleep at night. I’m very much looking forward to the break as well.

Tonight though, I have to figure out how to get the Christmas presents into a suitcase without squashing them too much and without Petra seeing them. It’s a tricky thing playing Father Christmas. Petra might have done me a favour by finding her train set – it was in a fairly big box and I have no idea where or how it was going to fit into the suitcases.

Petra’s been giving the whole notion of Father Christmas some serious thought. She told me yesterday that she called him Santa not Father Christmas because he isn’t anyone’s father. And fair enough. She was also thinking about his beard. Without it, she thought, no one would know who he was and he would be just some random guy.

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