The Flies Have It

Travis and Petra hiked up to the top of Mt. Kaukau this morning and found a wide open field at the top with views to Kapiti Island off the West Coast of the North Island, and across Cook Strait to the top of the South Island.

Petra was less taken by the view, and more interested in all the different kinds of poo in the paddock. Cows, sheep, and rabbits have all left their mark. When they came home, she and I had an earnest conversation about what she’d seen.

Petra: “Flies eat poo, mum.”
Me: “Yes, they do.”
Travis: snigger, snigger from the sofa…
Petra: “Different animals have different poo. Do you think it would have different flavours?”
Me: “Yes, because each animal eats different things and the flavour depends on what they eat.”
Travis: sniggers harder
Petra: “The flies would like that. Otherwise they’d only have one flavour to eat.”
Me: “That would get boring wouldn’t it?”

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2 Responses to The Flies Have It

  1. Now there’s a conversation you never thought you’d have (before you became a parent, that is).

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