Life Lessons

I learned a couple of things over the weekend.

1) If you don’t want your inquisitive 4 year old to find her Christmas presents, either hide them better, or wrap them up before you put them away. Petra stumbled on her Thomas the Tank Engine train set yesterday and was very gratified by my choice of present. We wrapped it up and put it under the tree – I don’t expect it to stay there for long though. I’m now on the hook for another present, since the train set was supposed to be from Santa. Maybe I’ll buy a scooter when we get to Dunedin…

2) Writing is easy. I have no trouble churning out hundreds of words on this blog, or in my journal, or in rough drafts of stories and scenes and character sketches. But writing is also very very hard. Trying to write something polished and finished and clear enough to give to someone for assessment, is a whole other exercise. Producing 3000 words has taken me weeks of angst followed by days of painstaking writing and rewriting and rewriting again.

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2 Responses to Life Lessons

  1. Yes, writing is hard. You can spend the whole morning deciding to put in a comma…. and the whole afternoon deciding to take it out again!

    • Janettes says:

      I know! I find myself agonising about the smallest things. Finding out just how much work it takes is a good, if humbling, lesson though…

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