Cross-Cultural Understanding

Petra has been learning a few rhymes at kindy and came home to demonstrate her new skills to us. She waggled her foot and sung, “You put your left leg in, you put your left leg out…”
“Ah,” says Travis, “The hokey pokey.”
“No.” Petra and I say together, “The hokey tokey.”
Hokey pokey is an ice cream flavour here, not a dance.

Travis’s version of “A ring, a ring of roses,” is also different from mine. I say, “A ring, a ring of roses/
A pocket full of posies/ Atishoo atishoo/ we all fall down.” He says, “A ring around the rosie/a pocket full of posies/ a hush a hush/we all fall down.”

Petra knows the New Zealand/English version, so Travis’s new world effort is banished from our singing routines.

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