Beneficiary Bashing

Tapu Misa: National needs an attitude change on job creation – National – NZ Herald News.

There’s a general election coming up in a few weeks, so our centre right government has cued up another round of changes to New Zealand’s welfare system.  Changes that will further harass, stigmatise, and pressure already vulnerable sections of the population.  All the talk about welfare dependency and passive beneficiaries allows the government to avoid admitting that more people are on benefits because there are fewer jobs.  It also allows them to avoid any discussion of job creation or job losses, which is sensible I suppose because jobs losses have continued apace since the National government took office.

National will win the election at a canter because John Key is a personable enough bloke and that seems to be all that matters.  So the slow, steady erosion of New Zealand’s social supports will continue, which makes me sad.

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