The Week So Far…

The first thing I said to Travis this morning was, “Is it Friday?” And I was quite crushed to find out that it isn’t. Bronchitis is getting me down.

A visit to kindy often helps though. I arrived to pick up Petra on Tuesday and Louise asked me if I could do her a favour. I could. So she sent me outside to look for a shoe. One of the lads had been tossing a pair around the yard. I beat the bushes, a couple of other mums peered in gardens, Louise climbed the fence to check the neighbouring yards, and finally, the mother of the lad who’d done the throwing collected her son and asked him to lead her to the shoe. He’d thrown it way up in a tree and it was perched in the branches among the flowers. Next time, I’m playing hunt the shoe at kindy, I’ll look up.

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