Going to the Show

Travis and I have just been having a very nice time watching Petra put on a show for us. She dug around in the back of the wardrobe for a pair of my high heel shoes, in which she tottered around lounge setting up a stage. Then she sang us some songs in her special made up language, complete with soulful expressions, waving hands, and some good shimmying dance moves.

When she got bored with that, she took a phone call on her domino cell phone and dashed off for a dinner of pipis (NZ shellfish) and mashed potatoes at her friend’s house. Before she left, she gave me blankets and toys for my baby, and issued lots of instructions about where she was going and how long she would be and how I could get hold of her if I needed her. I wonder if that’s how I take my leave of her, or if she was channeling her enviably calm and brisk kindy teacher.

She also had a long conversation with me about the difficulties of buying a cell phone. Apparently the cell phone store was hiding the phones in a back room and she didn’t find them until after she’d bought herself some walkie talkies. Very tricky indeed. My job in these conversations is to provide a chorus, agreeing and repeating the important details and acting out the emotions of the story. It’s pretty fun for both of us.

She’s just so funny and lovely. And she’s had another of those leaps of growth. Her conversation is more conversational now – she loves to chat and her chat is getting increasingly complex. She can have a real dialogue now. Her stories are also more complex and she can complete them, instead of getting distracted and wandering off.

I foresee a lot more shows and a lot more story telling in my future.

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